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Three MiFi Wins Award

Our Three MiFi mobile broadband products have been declared the best Wi Fi devices according to What Mobile. They declared that the Three Premium E586 Mi Fi was the fastest in their tests beating off all rival networks data download speeds. Even our Three Value MiFi was faster than the competition coming in second in their speed tests – proof that when it comes to mobile broadband the 3 MiFi is the only device you need.

Not only are our 3 mobile Wi Fi devices the fastest, but both the Premium and Value MiFis topped their charts for battery life, meaning that when you need broadband on the go you can guarantee that Three will keep you online for longer. Certainly, you can last a long car journey with one of our Three dongles. Not only that, but they also showed that 3 Mobile offer you the best value wireless broadband dongles of all networks. We’re always trying to bring you the best value offers on mobile broadband, so check out our mobile broadband page to see which 3 MiFi device and tariff plan suits you best.

So there you have it. You don’t just have to take our word for it that 3 Mobile has the best mobile internet dongles on the market. Whether it’s value for money, battery life, performance speed or ease of use that you need from a portable WiFi hotspot, we have a 3 MiFi that will suit your needs.