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What is a 3 MiFi?

The MiFi hub from 3 is a great little device that essentially acts as a portable WiFi hotspot. By slipping this into your pocket, you're assured of speedy, reliable wireless internet access for all your devices, wherever you are! Rather than sign up to different internet tariffs for your smartphone, laptop, e-reader and the rest, with a MiFi you can keep all your gadgets connected through one password-protected network that goes wherever you do.

Read on to discover the perfect 3 MiFi for you!

How to use the MiFi

For such a spectacularly useful device, the 3 MiFi is incredibly simple to use. From taking it out of the box, all you need to do is insert the battery and SIM card, and then you're up and running. You can see our pictures for more info on what to expect when you open the back of your E5331 Huawei MiFi.

This new 3 MiFi from Huawei is so simple that it only has one button! Press the power button, and you'll see all the icons light up green as it starts up. Once it's booted up, the Three WiFi hub will start showing you some useful information. From left you right, you have: the signal indicator, the WiFi indicator, the battery indicator and the SMS indicator. Here you can see everything important at a glance, without having to navigate through unnecessary icons or clutter.

Most useful, however, is the prominent display of the MiFi's network SSID and password on the inside of the MiFi's casing. Just search for available networks on your WiFi-enabled device, select the one that matches the SSID name, then put in the WiFi Key to browse the web at leisure. In order to successfully connect to the internet through the 3 MiFi hub, you have to make sure that both the signal indicator and the WiFi indicators are green. If one or both is not green, check the quick start guide that the product comes with for more information.


Insert the sim and the battery to get started.

How does the 3 MiFi perform?

In short: fantastically. This is mobile WiFi that's comparable for speed with home broadband, thanks in no small part to Three's HSPA+ data connection, which allows theoretical speeds of up to 21MBps for download and 5.76 MBps for upload. Making Skype calls, streaming music and watching videos cause no problem at all using the MiFi.

Three's HSPA+ coverage reaches over 80% of the UK! No need to worry about occasional loss of HSPA+, though, because the backup 3G network connection is more than good enough for most browsing needs. Three's Advanced 3G network is the fastest 3G network around.

What does it look like?

At 92.8x60.0x12.8mm (about the size of small mobile phone) and weighing just 82g, the MiFi is completely portable and streamlined. Its matte finish and its soft, grippable coating make it attractive, professional-looking and a pleasure to handle.

Charging your MiFi

Simply connect the hub to a PC or to the wall with the USB charger provided and you're all set to go. When fully charged, the Mifi gives you about 4 hours of internet access - not bad at all for when you're travelling around! There are also up to 100 hours standby time, which is really useful if you need to get online occasionally, but either have no access to a charging point or no space to carry around anything but the MiFi itself. When you do need to power up, though, either the USB cable or special charging dock supplied will easily do the job.



Nothing could be simpler than the Three Huawei E5331 MiFi in terms of compatibility, because it just works as a wireless router. Essentially, if your device is built for WiFi, then it's built for the 3 MiFi!

Going abroad with your MiFi

Your MiFi should still work in most countries, but international use will not be included in your monthly plan. If you are using your MiFi abroad, you will be charged separately for this depending on where you are and how much you are using.

Other capabilities

For most users, the MiFi's simple and speedy wireless internet access is probably enough to be getting on with. You have further control over the MiFi settings via an online dashboard which can be opened in your web browser; here you can change the SSID and passkey, view text messages and alter the security options. Both home and on the go, the MiFi gives you the freedom to stay connected exactly how you want.

Buy your 3 MiFi

If you like the sound of a WiFi hub from Three, you’re in luck! You can purchase your MiFi online right here on Store-3. Whether you’d like your 3 MiFi in classic white or advanced 3G, we're sure you'll find a contract deal to suit you.

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