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The BlackBerry Z10 on Three

The BlackBerry Z10 has been released in the UK and it brings with it some fantastic new features. Check out our coming soon 3 BlackBerry Z10 page for more information about availability or sign up for a single email and we'll let you know when it becomes available to buy on Three.

BlackBerry Z10 On 3?


The announcement on the 30th January heralded a new dawn for BlackBerry as they launched this touchscreen smartphone that looks set to take them back to the top of the smartphone league. Carry on reading below for our pre-launch preview post.

By now it's looking like the first phone that you will be able to buy on 3 will be the BlackBerry Z10 (or perhaps the BlackBerry L Series, London or Liverpool). Whatever it ends up being called, this new BlackBerry will be the first fully featured touchscreen smartphone from the company that has been built from the ground up with an operating system designed for a large screen interface. Quite a move away from the physical QWERTY keyboard on the BlackBerry Curve 9320.

3 Z10 BlackBerry Specs

We expect to see BlackBerry 10 running on a 4.2" multi-touch screen that would be the biggest smartphone screen RIM have ever produced. This puts it in the running with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and other large screen smartphones. Early reports claim that the display is crisp and clear and runs in 1080p Full HD - something that few phones around at the moment are able to match.

The rear camera is rumoured to be 8 megapixels and able to shoot HD video which will look great on that HD screen. Support for Three's ultrafast network is built in and in all likelihood the Z10 will be 4G ready making it futureproofed on Three. Put together this means you will be able to swiftly upload your High Definition videos without a hitch on the future 4G network.

Under the hood RIM will probably pack in 2GB of RAM and feature a MicroSD and Micro Sim slot that allows expandable memory of up to 64GB. Internal flash memory is probably a likely feature for the Z10 as BlackBerry's in the past have sometimes lacked decent internal storage.

BlackBerry Z10 Launch Date

We expect to be able to bring you the Z10 on Three pretty soon after RIM's 30th January launch event. Early February probably wouldn't be too unlikely to expect to buy the BlackBerry Z10. Whatever the date and whatever the new touchscreen phone is called, be sure to stay tuned to Store 3 for more information about the new fun range of BlackBerrys.

Check out BlackBerry's official videos for BB10 below:

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*This information is based on rumours and educated guesswork surrounding the likely direction that RIM will take.