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BlackBerry Q10 On Store 3

The Blackberry Q10 heralded in a significant landmark for the Blackberry as handset manufacturers, as it was released as the very first traditional QWERTY keyboard Blackberry running the swish Blackberry 10 operating system. If you want to get one of these fantastic handsets that mix style with business, sign up now and we'll drop you a line as soon as the Q10 is in stock on Store-3.

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The 3 BlackBerry Q10

When BlackBerry launched their latest BB10 operating system in January 2013, the Blackberry Q10 smartphone instantly became the most hotly anticipated mobile of the year: the first QWERTY smartphone running on the new platform. If you're a dedicated QWERTY user and fancy trying out the new system with all the functionality and fun apps that are available from the BlackBerry World Store, then you need to get your hands on the Q10!



BlackBerry Q10 Features

The 3.1" screen is the biggest display on a classic QWERTY style BlackBerry, and it comes with all of the great touch screen gestures and features that you can get on the likes of the Z10 and Torch models. Gone are the physical call and back buttons that are usually the centre of BlackBerry phones. Sit it next to a BlackBerry Bold and you'll see the improvements immediately, with a bigger 720 x 720 screen.

BlackBerry Q10 Design

The Q10 has a glass-weave rear casing designed especially for BlackBerry. You won't find this stuff anywhere else, and it gives the phone an ultra-premium feel. Lighter, thinner and stronger than plastic, the design of the Q10 makes it look and feel as great as it performs. This is the classic Blackberry look given a modern twist that keeps it looking bang up-to-date, swish and stylish. A QWERTY Blackberry that's also a premium smartphone; this is the stuff dreams are made of.


For those of you who loved your White BlackBerry phones, we know that you'll be glad to see a white version of the Q10, too. It packs all of the same great BlackBerry 10 features, but sets you apart from the boring business crowd when you're out with friends.

Q10 Specs


Behind the back case you're guaranteed to find the same 1.5GHz processor and 2GB of RAM that you got with the BlackBerry Z10, ensuring a speedy, streamlined experience.

Its wider frame makes even more room for the Q10's classic BlackBerry keyboard, which means you can type faster than ever before. Each key is 30% bigger than previously, with wider gaps between the rows to aid typing accuracy. Each row runs as close as possible to the edge so that no space is wasted. The Q10 is all about performance and productivity, so it packs in even more of the traditional BlackBerry shortcuts. If you start typing the name of an email contact from any screen on the device it will open an email to that person. If you type "bb" in a message it will know you mean "BlackBerry" and auto-expand to that.

BlackBerry Q10 UK Release

The BlackBerry Q10 is available right now from Store 3! Why not check out all of our Blackberry deals?

We'll be bringing you our in-depth Three BlackBerry Q10 Review once we get our hands on one. Expect photos, videos and plenty of words to give you everything you could possibly want to know about it.

Check out the launch video below to find out more information about the fantastic BlackBerry Q10: